A time to reset your life and experience exponential growth.

Working with women in business, women in leadership and women in life.

What I do

LET GO of debilitating beliefs, BREAK FREE from broken life stories, DISCOVER a new way of living and THRIVE in your work and personal live


Book me to speak at your event.

Inspire and empower women to take action.

For charitable events – different price structure – contact me for more information


One on one sessions.

Learn hands on approaches and gain tools to empower you on your journey.



Small group events (15-30 people).

The sessions are practical, engaging and designed to challenge your way of thinking.

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What People are Saying


“ I could relate to you with the challenges you faced as a business owner. You are inspiring and encouraging to listen to you. You speak with great wealth of knowledge and understanding of leadership and challenges we face in running businesses.”


"Great life experience"

“Christine has the ability to speak to a group yet enabled me to feel like she was connecting directly with me as an individual. She speaks from the heart, authentically. And she draws from a wealth of academic knowledge and great life experience - which brings
depth and richness to her talk. Christine is a beautiful person, inside and out. Her council brings wisdom care and so much love”

Zan Chivell

"Authentic leadership"

“You’ve made me realise how important it is to lead differently. I am struggling with insecurities and often doubted my abilities in my position as a leader. You gave me real substance of authentic leadership. Your relational leadership model is something I would like to implement in a practical way and I looking forward to attend a retreat with you. Your story telling and humour is a great combination”.


"Abundant Life"

"Christine’s workshop on living victoriously was so insightful enlightening and real. Thank you for proving the space where I could recognise my brokeness, understand how to move beyond it and how to thrive. I recommend this workshop to anybody who wants to live an abundant life, to anybody who wants to thrive"

Elrine Retief

"Thank You So Much"

"Being on that event was an eye opener for me.  It helped me to identify that I am not alone, I'm not the problem I can now admit to myself that what happened to me was not my fault and I can admit to myself that I'm broken and identify where the pain is. Thank you so much for the talk."


"Living Her Best Life"

“Christine comes across as a lady who is committed to living her best life.  With her experience of finding herself in the midst of pain and then reaching out to her creator and to core of herself, she was able to make sense of who and why she is. She has the ability to be vulnerable and touch others deeply.

Christine has developed a system of tools to help others achieve what she has and lived a more fulfilled life by rewriting the narrative of our lives for ourselves.”

Tracy Kristine

“Embrace your uniqueness. Be an influence for positive change in your world.”