A Journey To Deep-Rooted

Joy And Radiance

Wake up with joy, contentment and radiance!

From seminars, workshops, transformational coaching and memorable events, you’ll break free from the shackles holding you back and experience exponential growth in you personal and professional lives!

Available for for bookings in South Africa and the United Kingdom

1. Speaking

Colour Your World With Brushstrokes Of Healing And Joy

Using fresh insights and approaches, you’ll understand your significance in the world. You’ll move forward and find a new sense of validation, value and self-worth. You’ll understand who you really are, your unique abilities, and how to colour your world with beauty and thrive. You’ll spread your wings and soar!

You’ll explore how to:

  • Lead and serve with conviction and radiate in your sphere of influence
  • Exchange your broken stories for a new, positive narrative that creates joy, peace and courage.
  • Find your voice in business and serve your teams effectively

Inspired, you’ll discover how to create a thriving work culture, hospitality and the importance of serving with an open hand.

Get ready for the tipping point for positive change in your life!

2. Coaching

Become Your Radiant Self

Do you have more to offer the world but something’s holding you back? Are you compelled to make a difference but you’re too scared to try?

We’re all created with a desire to make this world better. You’ve been created with unique gifts to colour this world with brushstrokes of joy.

But many women give up because they feel small and insignificant. Whether you feel hurt, betrayed, or frustrated, you can RISE, MOVE FORWARD and THRIVE.

With relational leadership coaching, you can build a fulfilling life by:

  • Breaking free from the shackles holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Discovering where real validation, value and significance is found– and why you’ll never look for it again
  • Finding passion, purpose and unshakeable meaning in life so you’re fulfilled and joyful
  • Creating a healthy business/workplace with happy customers and inspired staff so you’re contributing to the greater good (while making more)
  • And so much more!

Using what’s in your hands right now to make this world a better place

3. Workshops

Come To Break Shackles. Leave Forever Free.

From fear to victory, from abandonment to belonging, from anger to contentment, you’ll experience a personal shift that changes your life.

Empowered and transformed, you’ll know what’s in your hands right now to colour the world with your passion, fulfilment and unwavering purpose.