I rarely see a movie which makes an impact on my life but every now and then I come upon a story that speaks deep into my heart. The Greatest Showman, released 2017, is such a movie. Apart from the great music and characters, the story-line spoke something very special to me.

A heart’s desire and a deep yearning inside drove a man and his wife to fulfil their dreams. The journey was hard but he believed in his dreams when no one else did. Everyone turned him away when he asked for finance and investments. However, pursuing his dreams for selfish gain, and misusing the people around him negatively impacted all his relationships. When greed took hold of this man, he became a self seeking arrogant bully that nearly lost everything and everyone he worked so hard to gain. Yet, when he turned, apologised and made amends, a whole community was positively impacted as everyone stood together. The story was full of human emotions, pursuit of deep desires and overcoming challenges on the road to significance.

When this man gave a voice to the voiceless, they found faith, hope and joy but moreover, they become a family who stood together, forgave and supported each other. I could relate to the story in so many ways; how powerful you feel when you make peace with who you are, stop searching for the next thing that will give you significance and instead find the significance you already have.

The theme song, ‘this is me’ could easily be my anthem, how I gained my voice, discovered I could stand tall and started living my purpose.

Don’t give up, you are worth it!