What will the conversations be around your grave one day? What will your story be… the story you live in your private or professional capacity. Broken stories to restored stories. There is good news.

What do we do with this gift called “life” we were given at birth?

The story goes… two brothers were sitting in the lounge. A late-night breeze washes over them while they were contemplating their lives over a glass of whiskey. The one brother, a very successful, rich, and a hard and bitter man. The younger brother not rich but content, happy, and as he said successful in relationships with his family and a great leader in his sphere of influence. The older brother let’s call him Paul, was upset and the younger brother, let’s call him John notices his anxiety and enquired about the reason for this. 

Paul said, “I didn’t sleep well the previous night, I had a nightmare. I was standing next to my grave looking at myself in the coffin. But Jesus and Satan were also standing next to the grave discussing my life and if I will go to heaven with Jesus or to hell with Satan.” John who was very intrigued by this clear dream asked him with whom did he go. Recalling and reliving that nightmare Paul shaken and upset said he woke up before they decided.

I was standing in the corridor overhearing this conversation between two brothers. 

Over the past weekend, many of us tuned in or seeing it in the news or on social media we couldn’t miss it. The death and funeral of Prince Phillip, the Queen Elizabeth’s husband. He had an impactful life. The stories about his life were fascinating. It seems he surely was loved by his family and grandchildren. In death, we are all stripped of our titles and wealth and power. We as humans regardless of who we are and what we have will succumb to death, that’s a given. The stories and memories stay engraved on our hearts and minds.

The stories of our lives will be evidence of who we were as humans and relationships seldom on our accomplishments. What is the current story of your life? The good news is if you can read this, you can still make today count and change your broken narrative or become relevant in your sphere of influence. 

Do you love greatly, offer kindness, forgiveness, and grace? Do you serve well, give a smile, give your time your skills where you see a need? Do you offer tea or coffee for your cleaner at work or praise the unnoticed loyal hardworking employee for the work they do? 

Seek every opportunity to do good even in your business and as a leader. Remember we all will become dust. No titles, money, or power can prevent that. 

Live with a kind heart, a giving hand, and do good.

Have a lovely day

Till next time