Tessa [mid 50’s]:

Tessa embraced life amidst the challenges that’s thrown at her. Her eyes shine with liveliness,as she radiates health, happiness, and confidence. A few months ago, this was entirely different. Stressed, anxious, and running low on energy and resources, Tessa was desperate to press reset. The effect of the lockdown, uncertainties of recovery and sense of normality, and the emotional turbulence of close losses due to Covid 19 were taking a toll on Tessa’s overall wellbeing. She felt like a sinking ship instead of one steering through uncharted waters to safety.

As a co-director of a medium-sized business, Tessa was leading and serving her business and community. She tried to support her colleagues and employees with their personal challenges in any way she could. But struggling to find her own answers made it all the more stressful to provide a way forward for others. She believed that businesses were pivotal to having a positive effect in her communities, so she was very involved in community projects but she was running out of energy. As the demands increased she was feeling more tired, unhealthy, and low on resources.

She started to withdraw from projects leaving them in vulnerable states, and many people disappointed. Tessa felt guilty and hopeless, telling herself she was a failure for not finding the answers or energy to navigate her projects and business through the challenges. She couldn’t cope anymore.

Finally, she decided it was time to reset. On the back of tears, laughter, frustrations, and breakthroughs, Tessa slowly transformed her mindset and reclaimed her joy, energy, and confidence in who she was as a woman and as a leader. Together with a supportive team Tessa is caring for and leading others onwards again.

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.”

― Louisa May Alcott