Business from a faith perspective

With a coffee in my hand I was ready for my train journey to London. Next stop a business and leadership workshop. I was invited to speak on the topic “Us, our business and God”. 

On the third level in a corner was the conference room overlooking the busyness of inner city life. Inside the room it was a slower pace, people seemed more relax and friendly. There weren’t many people probably 15 all together. After a cup of tea and everyone in their comfy chairs with a pen and paper we were ready to have conversations about us, business and God.

When we are grounded in relationship with God we can not separate Hm from our work or us from Him in our professional lives. What we do, where we go – He is there.

Using the examples of a music conductor and his role to unify a performance and at the same time empowers his musicians in the orchestra. We spoke about how we as leaders should empower our team through unity. We stand in relation to everyone and everything, in relation to ourselves to God or our highest authority of our lives and to the world around us. It is also true for our businesses and professional lives. We stand in relation to ourselves, our role and position, in relation with our own inner beliefs but also those of the business. If that does not match up it leads to conflict of interest. We can become resistant if we need to cross our own moral code for the sake of profits.  

As professionals we have to have an open heart and hand to those who work for us, validate them, empower them and lead and extend an open hand towards them to follow to influence for the greater good rather than just profits. 

Then there is rule 6 that they all need to implement. It was the idea of a prime minister long time ago who set rule 6… don’t take yourself so damn seriously.  Humour and laughter is often the only way we can get over ourselves . A crucial ingredient in life, in business and how we understand the world around us.

Remember rule 6, be authentic live with conviction. Lead and serve with your brilliance and the future generations will honour you for making the world a better place.