Finding Your True Self 

If someone asked, ‘who are you?’ what would you answer? 

Would you answer with your occupation, business or job title? Or would you describe yourself as, ‘Joey’s mum’ or ‘Richard’s wife?’

Maybe you usually focus on your interests and hobbies: I’m a globe-trotter, writer or artist. Or perhaps you reference your faith, politics or the city you were born.

People are like dazzling diamonds. They’re multi-faceted; each with a unique story and background. But underneath what you do, where you’re from and who you know– who are you really? Not quite sure? 

That’s what we’re here to find out!

Why Your Identity Is The Key To Deep-Rooted Joy and Radiance

The journey to deep-rooted joy, to thrive and contribute to the world, comes from knowing who you are– not what you do. But many women have lost themselves in the definitions of their lives. Often, women in entrepreneurial, leadership or family roles have created a prison of their own making without even knowing it’s there.

Although we want to make positive contributions to people’s lives, our prison stops us from taking action. Living with insecurities, anxiety and depression, we accept broken dreams and unfulfilled passions instead of contentment and inner joy

That’s when we start searching for validation in places we’ll never find it. From academic achievements, money, power, and titles, we look for admiration and value in others. But no matter what we do or what we accomplish, without our true identity, we never find peace. Feelings of inadequacy always pop up.

But there’s good news. If you’re seeking your true authentic self, it means you’re on the road to personal contentment and exponential growth in your personal and professional life. When you examine 3 key areas, you’ll know who you are and And how to colour your world with vibrancy!

Key #1: Exchange Your Broken Stories For A Thriving Life

Once you realise that you’re not defined by your job, your business, your roles or titles, it’s crucial to look at what’s left behind. What stories are you telling yourself about your life?

For example, as “the dentist’s wife,” I told myself that my identity was tied to my husband’s business. Over the years, I worked in almost every role in the dental practice! But when I finally became a business partner and Co-Director, everything changed.

The relationships I had with staff suffered. Suddenly, I wasn’t there to support them– I was their boss! And although I was instrumental in implementing a successful program for dental fear patients, deep down, I felt like I never measured up. Nothing made me feel good enough.

In a pivotal moment, I knew that no one and nothing else defines who I am. I am unique and I am ENOUGH. I’m created by God Himself! Everything perfect and beautiful in Him is within me as well.

If you take conscious control of the beliefs you have about yourself, you’ll see the truth about who you are. 

Key #2: Stand Up And Move Forward

When life’s storms try to engulf you, you have a choice: you can give up or you can stand up and thrive.

But it’s possible to rise and shine. As women, we can use what’s in our hands right now to colour the world with our brilliance and beauty.  And we can do it OUR way– without it being at the cost of men. Together men and women can work in unity to create a better world.

By being courageous and responsible for our lives, we can stand up, move forward, and pursue the opportunities we’ve denied ourselves.

Key #3: Using Your Voice To Make An Impact In Your Business

One of the benefits of knowing who you truly are is finding your authentic voice. Free to be your unapologetic self, your value comes from within. No more comparing yourself to others. No more trying to impress your peers. No more fleeting validation or searching for significance.

With joy, peace and contentment naturally filling your soul, you’ll be confident to follow your heart. That’s when you’ll trust your voice to guide you to your purpose and passion– and become a positive change-maker in your community.

The question ‘who are you?’ is one we answer almost every day, but most of us don’t think about the depth of its meaning. If you’re continually searching for meaning, feel purposeless or you’re looking for validation, your true self is the key to loving your life.

Free from trying to be something you’re not, you’ll stand up, move forward, find your voice and thrive.

And that’s when your dreams of changing the world become real. That’s when you’ll find unshakable peace and make a lasting impact.

Ready to get started right now? Contact me to create the extraordinary life of your dreams.

Live A Life Worth Living In A Business You Love and impact the world.