Exchanging broken stories for a new narrative

With great excitement and high expectation my daughter picked me up from the guesthouse where I was staying. I, on the other hand was well prepared with butterflies spreading their wings in my body. I was cautious excited. My first workshop with women in Cape Town. 

A more fitting location I could not have asked for. The event was held at the Legacy Collection, Canterbury Studios, in Cape Town inspired by the legacy of Nelson Mandela. The owner and artist jeweller Charmaine Taylor has the privilege to create jewellery from some of the original fence that was around Robben Island Prison in the time of Nelson Mandela’s captivity. Creating beauty out of a rusted prison fence … this is also my legacy, to bring healing joy and radiance to women with broken stories.

It was buzzing around the table where new friends are made over a glass of wine and lovely home bake cakes. In front of me was a group of women I have mostly never met before. But even in that moment I felt at home.

My topic; Exchange your narrative for a new narrative and thrive in a challenging world. This topic is close to my heart as it is very much my story.

Some enjoyed a glass of wine while listening, others engaged in note taking. I talked about how we are often held captive by our past broken stories. Sometimes it can become our safe blanket too scared to really let it go.That we have to let go, have to deal with it for our sake as well as those around us.  We talked about how it not only affects our mental health but also our relationships. When we let go of our broken stories we can rewrite a better story and start living a new story. Through these approaches and fresh insights I shared how we can rewrite and change our debilitating thought processes. We can change unhealthy behaviour forgive others and become free from the burdens we carry. We talked about who we are at the core, discovering our authentic self, our place in the world and especially that we can not do it on our own. But with a steadfast faith and support we can be brave and encourage each other on the way. Then we can rise up and stand tall, as we have broken the hold of our past on our lives and we are set free. 

When we rise up and stand tall we can move forward serving others and guiding others to follow. We will live with meaning and purpose making the world a better place and actually we become the better place for others to find hope and healing.

To thrive and live joyful life, is to break the chains of past broken stories.

 We can really only thrive as individuals when we colour the world with brushstrokes of forgiveness healing and deep-rooted joy.