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I’m a speaker and women’s relational leadership coach with a Masters in Strategic Management and Leadership.

I help women thrive in business, influence society and heal from broken life stories. With 4 daughters and a husband of 37 years, I’m inspired each day to colour my world with beauty.

But it wasn’t always this way.

There was a time that I was insecure, broken, and full of unhealed life stories.

Although I’m a proud mum to 4 extraordinary women, the wife of an amazing man, I searched for significance.

I tried to find it in studies and courses. I tried to find it by supporting my husband’s dental practice. But even as the Co-Director, I never felt good enough. I was still just “the dentist’s wife.”

Until a pivotal, transformational moment changed my life– I finally realised who I AM.

And with God’s truth, I was free. Free from the shackles that held me back. Free from emotional scars, misconceptions and insecurities. I am enough.

From broken stories to full colour, paint-your-life-with-brushstrokes joy and contentment.

And you can too! You can shed the chains holding you back from a thriving life and business.

NO more trying to prove your worth. No more trying to impress. No more comparisons with others!

You are good enough. This is your moment. Arise and thrive.

I’m free.

Free from the shackles and the hold they had over me.

No more scars, stories, misconceptions, or insecurities get in my way– I’m released from their grip on my life and free to thrive.

When we release our broken stories and heal, we restore our search for meaning and thrive.  And that brings beauty to the world

It brought beauty to my world– and that’s what I’d like to pass onto you.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Chasing Myself In The Deep End

I remember watching the sunset in my beloved South Africa. The sea was crashing over the rocks. The beauty reflected the splendour of God in all its crystal colours. And I should’ve been happy.

I remember looking at this stunning scenery outside my window, but instead, I was sad, Emotional and insecure.

And I’d been feeling this way for a long time.

I was content and happy with my life.  I married my husband of 37 years, Manie, when we were students. He wanted to be a dentist and I studied teaching.

After he opened a dental practice,  I jumped into different positions to support his business. I stood in as the receptionist, a dental assistant, and did administrative work– while raising 4 incredible daughters!

I did a little supply teaching but eventually, I became more and more focused on my husband’s world and business.

In the beginning, my identity and significance were defined by being a mum– and I loved every beautiful moment of it. Every season, every phase, every change was fascinating and I felt blessed to be part of it. It was right for that time, and I was happy.

was known as “the wife of the amazing dentist.” And that’s how I defined myself too, but it wasn’t enough.

So, as a keen student of life, I continually took courses and workshops. Everything from helping people overcome challenges, changing behaviours, and moving forward.

But deep inside, I was searching for my true identity.

I was chasing validation as a person, and searching for significance,  searching for something more.


‘‘Let the colour you paint your world with be radiant with healing and joy”

Losing Myself In The Dark

I always needed to impress or get approval. And I couldn’t be my true self– I was always afraid of being judged.

I became more involved with my husband’s practice– doing everything– including coaching patients and helping them overcome dental fear.

I eventually became a partner and Co-Director of the practice. We were the go-to practice and well-respected by the community.

But I still wasn’t happy.

So I decided to pursue my Masters in Strategic Management and Leadership. I thought it would empower and validate me.

But it didn’t.

I saw failure everywhere. From the dental practice to my relationships in the community, my lack of self-worth and confidence coloured everything.

Then it all came crashing down after my dad’s funeral. All the scars and emotions I carried came back to haunt me. And the loss of my father left me with an empty space that I couldn’t fill.

It was excruciating. It was a time full of unhealthy thoughts, emotions and wounds.

But it eventually pushed me to finally discover who I am. Who I REALLY am.

And how to break the shackles that were holding my life back.

That’s how I ended up crying over the South African sunset.

With all of these emotions crashing down on me, I cried out to God and grabbed my bible.

What I saw changed my life.

I opened it to a passage that jumped off the page. In Genesis, it was written:


“You were created in our image and in our likeness .”


And at that moment, I felt lighter and free. I knew this was IT.

Breaking Free From My Shackles

I was looking for my significance in so many things and so many places– I chased academic papers, roles, positions, authority– all for EVERYONE ELSE.

I failed to realise that I AM created in God’s image. I’m created in his likeness.

And until I run out of breath, I’ll continue to discover the mystery of being created like Him–  the One who creates all, who governs all, who creates all beauty.

He who speaks truth and integrity; He who heals, restores and makes this world a beautiful place.

That’s inside of ME.

And I discovered that I don’t need to prove myself to anyone because in that pivotal, transformational moment I knew I was made whole.

What an incredible moment! No more wondering. No more comparing.

I am validated by my heavenly Father. I know who I am as I know I AM! I can be ME.

Helping You To Lead, Serve And Radiate

And I can help you find freedom too.

I can help you discover who you really are– so you can break your chains, spread your wings and soar.

We’re all searching for connection and belonging. Embrace your uniqueness, stand tall and become the miracle you are.

Let’s colour the world with vibrancy.

Set Yourself Free And Impact The World


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