Meet Christine Opperman

Hi, I’m


I studied teaching, got married and raised 4 incredible girls to womanhood, watching them add beauty to life, amidst a volatile world.

I often worked along side my husband as our journey together started early in the world of dentistry. During these years I stepped into different roles such as dental assistance, receptionist or administrative duties learning different aspects of running a business and patient care in South Africa and abroad here in the UK. Together we developed a program to work with patients with dental fear.
Over the years “Change Behaviour” intrigued me. I was curious on how and why people change to become better or healthier or happier as individuals  and why others resist positive change.
Courses, workshops and studies followed by a coaching practice which I started part time at home while raising children and working part time with my husband. I coached many fearful and phobia patients through their journey to achieve happy and healthier smiles. As my interest in leadership and change behaviour grow, I pursued a masters degree in Coaching and Mentoring but later changed it to Strategic Business and Leadership, graduating in 2017.  
Leadership, speaking, teaching and writing on the topics I care about are my current passions. Relationships are the key to all that I am involved with intertwined with connecting God’s heart to the hearts of those around me.
It was not always like this, I once searched for significance and lived with broken stories. But I found a way back to my authentic self, and became content with whom I am at my core and learnt to thrive facing challenges on the way.
“Open the window of your mind. Allow the fresh air, new lights and new truths to enter.”― Amit Ray

Who I work with

Women In


Lead In Business and Life

 So many women want to make a serious difference in their sphere of influence but feel held back by life circumstances. 

Learn new approaches and insights in healing relationships and developing self-care. Discover the journey to being brave; moving forward with courage and facing challenges.

Move from disconnection to connection and experience  growth in your personal and professional life.

Women In


From Broken To Brilliance

Our bodies carry the burden of our life stories– until we exchange it for a new narrative. Full of scars, past trauma, and insecurities, we become stuck.

 Instead, imagine waking up joyful. Imagine knowing in your heart that you’re ENOUGH. Break the chains that holds you back be at peace with yourself and thrive. Discover your significance and real meaning of life. Move from disconnection and broken relationships to connection and belonging. 


Dental Fear

Smile with confidence

Dental anxiety prevents many individuals from healthy smiles impacting their daily living.  Enjoy new find confidence and a great new smile. Fear less learn new coping mechanisms

Learn new tools and fresh insights to a fear less journey to the dentist. Reset your thinking habits and behavioural patterns.  Experience the journey in and safe and supportive environment. Enjoy a healthier great smile as you are your smile! 

Set Yourself Free And Impact The World