When I studied teaching, I was interested in how children learn. If you give them a picture of a house some children could immediately tell you that what they see is a house. I also had children who, given the same picture, could not tell you they see a house, they said there is a door, they see windows, bricks and all details of the house. The ideal is that you should be able to see both, you should see it’s a house but also that the house is made of bricks, a door, windows etc.

For effective learning we need our brain to integrate all forms of assimilating information and not just favour one kind. When we noted that some children could not see the bigger picture and were caught in the detail, or could see the whole but not the parts, we gave them puzzles to complete so they could break down the big picture and build up the parts.

We often miss the bigger picture in our lives. We are so caught up building the house, planning the details that we forgot to create a home, to create a place where love and wholeness thrives. We often take our relationships with those closest to us for granted, dismissing their importance as we are too busy gathering ‘stuff’ to make it a pleasant place for ourselves and the very people we neglect. The big picture of our lives will only be fully heard around our graves. But we know it will fit together the puzzle bits of your skillset, personality, attitude, beliefs, language, dreams and opportunities.

It is not the day we are born that we will be known for but rather by the time we pass away it will be known if we lived well, loved greatly and served kindly.