A dog, a sheep and a pair of glasses

Specsavers had a great advertisement recently, a farmer was sheering his sheep but unfortunately mistook the dog for a sheep and got its fur sheered by the farmer who was none the wiser. It was just as well the farmer’s eyesight was poor, otherwise he’d have to see how terrible his collie looked.

So often we do the same to people; we don’t really look at them but quickly judge people the same. We are so entrenched in our routines and opinions that we don’t give others a chance to show us who they really are before we decide to treat them according to our prejudgeses.
We often attach our own meanings to our experiences to validate our reactions or make sense of what we encountered. Then this becomes the tinted glasses we use to view the world around us by.

Our perceptions get in the way of how we see life and people. This can result in us treating others unfairly without even realising it, and then we are surprised to find we feel alienated. That’s why that we need regular “eye tests” for our minds!

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

Let’s keep getting better